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Short movie about the friendzone and how to get out of it

Apr 3, 2021 | Advises

French movie with English subtitles

The french youtubeur Wil Aime has concocted a video about the friendzone. The short movie takes place during an amphitheater course. The course’s objective is to teach to the students how to get out of it.

Friendzone’s definition

The course begins with the friendzone’s definition, which is proposed by a student. According to him, the friendzone is “a psychological place” in which we find ourselves trapped. We are in this trap when we have romantic feelings for someone, but that person considers us only as a friend. The teacher then agrees with the definition.

Friendzone’s signs

The higher education course will then focus on signs indicating that we are in the friendzone. Students are incitated to do a short list of these signs.

  • A girl student will suggest the blue heart emoji : if a girl sends you a blue heart instead of a red one then that’s a sign of friendzone.
  • A student will then explain that if he has not combed his hair, it is because he has friendzoned the girl with whom he has a date.
  • A second girl student will put forward the idea that if she dates a boy at 7 p.m., rather than 9 p.m., it means that he is in the friendzone. Indeed, that would mean that she does not take the time to make herself beautiful for him.

The teacher then replies that all these points are false, and explains it by the idea that the friendzone does not exist. One of his students will then oppose this idea and indicate that he is himself in the friendzone of a girl who he likes.

Behavior differences between seduction and friendship

The teacher will then highlight the behavior differences that an individual adopts when he seeks to seduce, and when he speaks with a friend. To illustrate it, he askes the student, how he would approach two different girls, one of whom he has a crush, and the other would only be a friend.

The young student then responds that for the girl he likes and wants to seduce, he will come and introduce himself. He will make her a compliment and flirt with her by being funny, before offering her a date.

Then the teacher asks him how it would be for the second girl, with whom he only wants a friendly relationship. The student then puts forward a completely different behavior. He indicates that he would go talk to the girl, would not make her a compliment and would not be ambiguous about his intentions.

Why the friendzone doesn’t exists

The professor then comes to this conclusion, the friendzone doesn’t exist, it is the individual who seeks to seduce, who traps himself by adopting a friendly behavior. The teacher explains this attitude by the lack of courage, then gives behaviors and attitudes to adopt in order to not finish in the friendzone.

Actions to take to avoid the friendzone

Thus, in order to not arrive in the friendzone, according to the professor it would be necessary to :

  • Show courage to have a seductive behavior
  • Adopt a behavior of seduction rather than friendship
  • Flirt with other people and not putting all your eggs in one basket
  • Be mysterious
  • Letting go

Letting go is the last advice given, it should be applied if, despite all these operating ways, the person you wants, still considers you as a friend.

A concrete example to illustrate the course

The short film then ends with a concrete example of the lessons given during the course. A student receives a phone call from a girl with whom he is in the friendzone. He will then have to answer the phonecall despite his stress. He therefore shows courage.

The beloved person then askes him if their evening date is still programmed, he answers that it doesn’t. Then the girl askes the student why. The student answers her that he sees another girl, and that this one pleases him. He apply the advice and flirts with other people.

His interlocutor then askes him why he didn’t tell her about it. The student therefore play the mystery card and wont give any information: “Why would I have told you about it, there are plenty things that you don’t know about me”.

The girl the student likes will then remind him that she is his friend and that he could have told her about this date. The student then feels pain and lets go. He answers her that he has never considered her as a friend, at the risk of losing her.

A few moments later, the girl then changes her behavior towards the student and offers him a date that seems to be a love one. The student so left the friendzone by changing his behavior and following the professor’s advises.

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