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A garbage man makes a woman fall in love

Mar 22, 2021 | Fun

Two garbage collectors are working and make their rounds, hanging on the back of their garbage truck. One of them notices a woman walking quietly on the sidewalk. He tries to make himself noticed by her, by hissing her. The woman then turns her head and has a look at him. He then takes out a rose and uses it as an accessory of seduction. But the woman ignores him and continues her journey as if nothing had happened.

He will then continue his performing with a solo dance, which will at least, has the merit to make the woman he flirts with, to laughter. However, this is not enough and the woman doesn’t give in to the advances of the handsome garbage collector.

L'éboueur utilise une rose pour séduire
Deux éboueurs font une dance

The garbage collector will then attempt a last maneuver, this time with his colleague. The two workers will start to dance together in a sensual way. The woman will continue on her way while looking at them, and will finally fall for them …

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