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A Brasilian deputy touches another deputy without her consent

Feb 25, 2021 | Bad behavior, Fails and rejections

During a vote session at the Brasilian parliament, the deputy Fernando Cury touched another deputy without her consent. The video shows Isa Penna speaking with the Legislative Assembly president while Fernando Cury approaches her from behind.

The deputy Fernando then takes Isa Penna in his arms. The press explains that he touches her nipple. Isa Penna then reject firmly Fernando Cury’s arm. Fernando Cury insist and touches Isa Penna’s shoulder. She rejects him again, but Fernando still continues trying to touch her.

Indeed, images shows Fernando touching Isa Penna’s shoulder again and again. The deputy created a bad buzz and an investigation has been open in his country. Hard to say if Fernando was trying to get close to Isa Penna, but the video shows a good example of what not to do during a seduction phase.

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