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Is it really a pretty woman who seduces this man ?

A man walks the sidewalk quietly with a coffee in his hands, he seems to be taking a break from his work. He sudenly sees a pretty woman, in a beautiful dress and a very nice pair of heels. At this time, the woman played by Catrinel Menghia, is leaning forward to...

Short movie about the friendzone and how to get out of it

French movie with English subtitlesThe french youtubeur Wil Aime has concocted a video about the friendzone. The short movie takes place during an amphitheater course. The course's objective is to teach to the students how to get out of it.Friendzone's definition The...

Use a boat to pick up girls is the best tip

Brian, from the Whatever group tries to use a boat to pick up girls. He navigates in a Dutch town with a small embarcation and askes girls on the ground, if they want to have a ride. Most of the girls accept and are happy to experiment a boat ride. The first girl, who...

A garbage man makes a woman fall in love

Two garbage collectors are working and make their rounds, hanging on the back of their garbage truck. One of them notices a woman walking quietly on the sidewalk. He tries to make himself noticed by her, by hissing her. The woman then turns her head and has a look at...

Boy and girl touch peoples hands on escalator

Two youtubers, a boy (Ruben_sole) and a girl (Cynthia), are taking fun by recording them touching strangers hands on a mall escalator. The video is really funny and the first example is well representative of the rest. The girl touches a guy's hand, who tell her that...

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